Franchise Benefits

Groovy Dog™Franchising Systems, LLC has designed an effective and easy-to-use business system for its franchisees. As a franchise owner of Groovy Dog Bakery®, you will receive unparalleled support from our franchise and management team. Other benefits as a franchise include: use of the registered trademark Groovy Dog Bakery name, access to our proprietary products, corporate purchasing power, equipment and fixture specifications, access to qualified, approved vendors, interior design consultation, corporate manuals, marketing and public relations services, training and ongoing product development.

More on Our Training and Support

Being a part of the Groovy Dog Bakery® team means going into business for yourself, not by yourself. We provide a complete training and support system that will give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to open and run a successful franchise.

Groovy Dog™ Franchising Systems LLC will guide and assist you in every aspect of setting up your store. The job often begins with locating and securing funding. Next is site evaluation and lease negotiation. We will assist you in getting blueprints drawn and approved, coordinate tenant improvements, build out, signage and equipment. By the time we turn you over to the Operations team you are just a few steps away from opening for business.

One of the key components of getting you prepared to open your first Groovy Dog Bakery® franchise is our one-week training course. It includes both classroom instruction and on-the-job training. The course is designed to orient you to every part of our operation, from personnel to baking, inventory control to marketing. After a successful completion of your training, you will be ready to go.

But the assistance doesn't stop there. In fact, it never stops. We will offer training at various sites for 1 to 2 days where you and your staff can come for a refresher training and obtain the latest product knowledge. All you pay for is the cost of travel and meals; there is no charge for this training.

Ultimately, the success of your franchise will be your own. Groovy Dog ™will provide ongoing consultation as requested regarding your store's operation and progress.

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